Probiotics for Athletic Performance


Probiotics: What's the Buzz? In the last decade, probiotics have become a health buzzword. Research shows that probiotics have numerous benefits, including boosting the immune system, increasing absorption of micronutrients, and improving overall health. While there is still a lot to be learned about probiotics and their implications most professionals agree that when consumed properly, probiotics are a safe, natural way to improve one’s health. The other benefits--there are currently clinical trials evaluating the effects of probiotics on ADHD, based on this research-- have yet to be determined. Athletes- whether elite professionals…

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All About Body Dysmorphia

Reflections Body Dysmorphia

Chances are, there's something you don't like about your body (if not, that's awesome!). A scar you find unsightly, a body part that hangs on to excess weight, a large forehead (or fivehead as I so lovingly call mine). Most of us can name a thing or two that we could do without; that's human nature. But when those passing thoughts become constant sources of worry is when the problems begin. It's at that point we start to worry about Body Dysmorphia. What is Body Dysmorphia? Body Dysmorphia, or more…

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IIFYM: If It Fits Your Micros

IIFYM: Fruit and Vegetables

IIFYM... Don't You Mean "Macros"? You may have opened this link thinking I published an article with a typo in the title. You’re wrong. The IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) mentality has swept through the land, picking up diehard fans in its wake. And why not? The eating style offers flexibility, the main (macro) nutrients that sustain our bodies (carbs, protein, and fat in case you missed it) and is moderately easy to track. But you know what’s missing? Micros. This isn’t an article bashing macro tracking, but simply…

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Your Story: Aaron on Getting in Shape with Asperger Syndrome

Aaron's Story As you know, in addition to my work on Strong in Body, Strong in Mind, I also write professionally. I met Aaron in the online writing group for the highly recommended 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success course. When Aaron approached me with his story, I was enthusiastic to feature it here. Not only because Aaron's story captures what Strong in Body, Strong in Mind is all about, but because I feel there aren't enough first-hand reflections available from people who live with Asperger Syndrome. Exercise…

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How to Simplify Meal Planning

Meal Planning in the Digital Age In the Pinterest age, meal planning has become the be all end all of eating well. It can save you hundreds of dollars, help you lose weight, help you connect with your children, help you hate grocery shopping less, help you find the lost city of Atlantis. Well, I’m obviously exaggerating a little. Nothing can make you hate grocery shopping less. Anyway, I too fell in love with the idea of advance meal planning and having Pinterest worthy meals every day. But here’s a friendly…

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What 9 Nutrition Experts Want you to Know

Nutrition Advice

Nutrition Experts Unite The best part of nutrition coaching is helping people meet their goals. The second best part is connecting with other business owners and nutrition experts who share the same passions and challenges in our line of work. I thought it might be nice to change things up for this article. Rather than hearing me ramble on, let’s check in with some other industry experts. I asked my fellow nutrition experts, “If you could give your clients one piece of advice, what would it be?” The answers are…

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Your Story: How Danielle Fights Lupus with Powerlifting

Danielle Powerlifting

Your Story: Meet Danielle The second installment of Your Story is from Danielle Logan of Spoonie Strength, who found a way to overcome her battle with Lupus with powerlifting. I remember being tested for Lupus at the height of my health issues. At the time, I had no idea how all-encompassing and devastating this chronic disease could be. The term "spoonie" refers to the Spoon Theory, outlining the challenges of what should be simple daily tasks when one suffers from chronic illness. Danielle's story captures that struggle and shows that she is truly…

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Your Story: How Eva Fights Anxiety with Fitness

Silks Eva Anxiety Fitness

When I launched the Your Story campaign, I had no idea what to expect. I certainly wasn't ready for the overwhelming stories of strength and beauty perpetuated by the contributors who reached out to participate.  This first story talks about the effect of fitness on anxiety. It is raw, it is real, and some may find it hard to read. However, the tenacity and inspiration captured in these words make the read worth it. Without further ado, here is Eva's story. When it’s bad, my anxiety is everything. It’s every thought,…

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Eat More to Weigh Less

Eat more to weigh less

Recently, a colleague approached me with some questions about body composition. She had been training and following the Precision Nutrition serving guide, but couldn’t shake the last ten pounds of weight. She asked me to take a look at her history and give her some insight about her plateau problem. I went through her report. She outlined her healthy meals, the details of her clean eating, and her 1,200 calories per day limit. The woman is totally dedicated but at a standstill. She asked what I thought could be causing her…

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How to Talk to your Kids as a Weight-Classed Athlete


  Body image doesn’t come up in my household. We often talk about being healthy and strong, but never about weight and body dissatisfaction. Now, more than ever, I like my body. Sure, sometimes I over-indulge during the holidays and gain some extra padding. At that point, I go back to my healthy habits and get back on track without stressing about it. And I certainly don’t mention that part of my life to my kids. That changed one day during the week before lifting in the IPA Powerlifting Worlds.…

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