Why You Should Celebrate #MCM

Why You Should Celebrate #MCM

The online fitness world is rife with hashtags: #fitspo #fitfam #wcw. Assigning a theme in the form of an alliteration is all the rage in the social media age. Regardless of your chosen training method or sport– running, BJJ, or powerlifting— there’s one hashtag we should all take a moment to celebrate: #MCM.

You’re probably doing a double-take. Maybe you’re ready to type a nasty comment and start an internet battle with complete strangers, but hear me out. I don’t mean Man Crush Monday.


I mean ME Crush Monday.


That’s right. I’m telling you to celebrate yourself. Here’s why:


#MCM and Positive Self-Talk

“Self-talk” refers to the thoughts that continuously run through our minds. It’s that voice within our head that says “I can do this!” before running a race or “that was stupid” when you stub your toe (along with a few epithets I’m sure). Self-talk can be either positive or negative, depending on the tone we take in our minds. Both positive and negative self-talk can have an effect on our sports performance, moods, and self-image.

In training, self-talk can impact our ability to perform well. As sport psychologist Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis says, “The mind guides action. If we succeed in regulating our thoughts, then this will help our behavior.” Hatzigeorgiadis has dedicated his practice to studying the connection between self-talk and sports performance. It’s no surprise that how we mentally prep for a kick, lift, or throw directly impacts the result.

Practicing the new-age #MCM– Me Crush Monday– allows us to practice positive self-talk and create a foundation for success during our training efforts.



Our self-esteem is how we respect ourselves, and the confidence we have in our own worth. Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle with their self-esteem. While it’s often more apparent or more commonly discussed amongst the female population, men and boys also battle with their self-image.

Practicing #MCM will force you to recognize and acknowledge your positive qualities. In time, this practice will become a habit and you will start to see what others see in you. This practice is similar to standing in the mirror every morning, and saying one positive thing about yourself. Which, by the way, you should try.

Negative talk, both from ourselves and others, can have a detrimental effect on one’s self-esteem. Practicing #MCM will give you an outlet to work against external negativity and the resulting negative self-talk.


Recognize Your Accomplishments

As the saying goes, success is a series of small wins. It’s also a combination of time, dedication, and hard work. By celebrating Me Crush Monday, you are taking the time to acknowledge what you’ve done in the past week, month, year, etc.

It’s worth noting that some weeks will be better than others. Don’t let one bad week get you down. Reflect back and look how far you’ve come so far. Take time to appreciate the little things you were able to accomplish in the last week. Maybe you didn’t get to the gym, but you were able to clean off your desk– a long overdue task that you had been putting off.

By recognizing the things you’ve accomplished rather than fixating on your perceived failures, you are able to reframe situations from a negative to a positive. Cognitive reframing or restructuring is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy used by psychology experts during treatment protocols. Why? Because it is a powerful coping mechanism that works.


How to Promote #MCM

How you choose to promote your #MCM is up to you. If you feel like shouting from the rooftops on social media, go for it. If you aren’t ready to share your Me Crush Monday with a wider audience, tell one of your close friends and ask them what they are proud of in the last week.


If you do decide to share your accomplishments on social media, be sure to tag @stronginbodystronginmind and #mecrushmonday so we can cheer you on! Or comment below and tell us all about your #MCM.