About Me

My name is Nikita RosNikita Ross - Nutrition Coachings, and I alone make up the current Strong in Body, Strong in Mind team. If you’re reading this you’ve just discovered that I like to use the term “we” loosely when referring to the blog.

Professionally, I’m a published writer, editor, social media manager, and a Precision Nutrition Certified Level One coach. My articles have been published on Nutrition Research News, InBody USA, and The Huffington Post.

When I’m not at my desk, I’m a runner and a power lifter. In 2016, I ran my first half-marathon and in 2017 my deadlift made me a world champion at the IPA Powerlifting Worlds.

I refuse to use the term “fitness journey”, as this love of fitness isn’t my whole story, but rather a plot twist that took place after a series of surgeries left me laid up for a summer. Running was my way of reclaiming my body. The rest followed shortly thereafter. Reading and writing, on the other hand, has always defined me.

These passions have brought us here, to a place that encourages us to lift a book, and to lift a barbell; to read a long novel, and run a long race; to explore the mysteries of fictional worlds, and to explore the mysteries of the beautiful world we live in.

Thanks for joining the story.

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