An Ode to Nocturne: Art at Night

Nocturne: Art at NightThis weekend marks the best event (other than Halloween of course) in October for Haligonians. Nocturne: Art at Night returns with the 2016 theme, Motive.

What is Nocturne: Art at Night?

What is Nocturne you ask? Picture this, if you will: an entire city lights up the darkness with a free art show. Artists, businesses, and viewers come together to partake in both visual and hands-on art displays.

Nocturne 2015: A Recap

The 2015 theme Found and Lost and Found brought tens of thousands of people to the streets, boosting the local economy and strengthening the community through art. Notable displays included: the digital shrine displaying messages to lost loved ones in a cemetery; a grand piano shrouded in painted silk, spilling classical music over the water on the docks; and an aerial acrobatics show in a grand old church.

Of course, the real show-stopper was the vintage Ferris wheel overlooking the misty city, its ethereal music and mysterious costumed characters creating an otherworldly carnival experience.

A takeaway from a hands-on printing press display at Nocturne 2015: Found and Lost and Found

A takeaway from a hands-on printing press display at Nocturne 2015: Found and Lost and Found

Nocturne 2016: What to Expect

Nocturne spans the harbor, crossing over from Halifax to its sister city Dartmouth. As such, the ferry service is free for the evening and offers a display of its own: Ferry-oke. This particular show is not one I care to partake in, for the sake of the children’s ears, but offers the potential for a fun time on public transit. That’s a feat in itself.

The mobile-friendly interactive guide to this city-wide treasure hunt can be found here at Nocturne’s official website. This non-profit event is organized by volunteers and offers viewers the chance to exercise both their bodies and minds as they wander the streets and take in the amazing work of the local art community.

So gather your friends, get a hot drink, and prepare for a spectacle.