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The best part of nutrition coaching is helping people meet their goals. The second best part is connecting with other business owners and nutrition experts who share the same passions and challenges in our line of work. I thought it might be nice to change things up for this article. Rather than hearing me ramble on, let’s check in with some other industry experts.

I asked my fellow nutrition experts, “If you could give your clients one piece of advice, what would it be?” The answers are varied, but all have the same important point. Read on and see if you can figure out what ties everything together!


1.    Tracy Scott of Scott Fitness

“Know your why! It’s always helpful to understand why we’re doing something.”

Tracy’s advice is spot on. To truly be able to progress toward your goal, you need to know the real reason why you’re doing it. Drilling down beyond your goal and determining why you want something will help you maintain focus and motivation.


2.    Angela Bergmann of AngelaBergmann.com

“It has to be enjoyable – the food, the workout, your life. Take time to figure out what you’ll love doing beyond a couple of months.”

Angela quickly sums up what we discussed in our article: The Single Most Effective Exercise. A one size fits all approach doesn’t work for most people. Find what works for you, and what you can commit to if you want to succeed.


3.      Gus Lamoureux  of Wai Fitness

“Don’t be afraid to step back when needed. Many times the best way forward is back.”

There’s nothing wrong with taking a step back to reevaluate your path. You may start with a particular goal in mind. As you progress, that goal might change. When considering costs and trade-offs, you may find that you are unwilling to make certain changes, therefore forgoing certain milestones. Allow yourself time for contemplation.


4.            Kurt Weber of Weber Strength

“Establish a positive relationship with food by earning the food you are going to eat, rather than punish yourself for the food you just ate.” 

By learning to have a positive relationship with food, and eating nourishing meals most of the time, you stop feeling guilty about indulgences. Focus on building a healthy relationship with food, and get out of the cycle of negativity.

5.      Wendy Hodge of Wendy’s Way to Health

“One step at a time; forget dieting and start with an open mind!” 

Taking baby steps and building healthy habits is the key to success. A lot of people struggle with adjusting to the slower approach after years of quick fix dieting. Keep an open mind, and ask yourself: in the long term, how did that quick fix work for you?


6.        Amy Blacklock of Life Zemplified   

“Don’t stop. Some days will be easy, and you’ll move forward. Some days you won’t. But if you continue to keep your eyes on the goal, you will achieve it. It will take work, sacrifice, and faith. All those things are available to you. Use them, and you’ll get to where you want to be.” 

Eyes on the prize! Remember your “why” and keep working toward your goal. You may stumble, you may take a few steps back to re-evaluate, but learn to rally and continue on your path.


7.        Sarah Gatien – Master Dietician Candidate, Research Assistant Lead in Nutrition Standards in Child Care Project.

“Always look for credible sources of information and make sure, above all else, that your food choices nourish you and that you maintain a healthy relationship with food. Find what works for YOU and your health goals.”  

The internet is wrought with ridiculous claims and quick fix diets. Before believing something shared online, check the sources and verify its validity. Links to peer reviewed studies on PubMed and Google Scholar are generally reliable. Check the credentials of the person posting. Check their motivation.


8.    Missy Kwiatkowski – Precision Nutrition Certified Coach & Trainer

“Have a goal and write it down where you see it every day. It works as a reminder of why and helps keep motivation.”

This is a great tip from Missy. Keep your goals visible. Make them tangible. Keep them in your line of sight every day, so you’re constantly reminded why you’re doing what you’re doing.


9.   Nikita Ross of Strong in Body, Strong in Mind

“Progress over perfection; better over best.”

Perfection is a myth. The idea that someone has to immediately overhaul their life to meet their goals isn’t applicable to everyone. Start small, build a foundation for success, and move forward.

I’ve had clients who will update me at their weekly meeting and say “On Saturday I ate junk food all day and did nothing, so I failed this week.” I correct them. “On Saturday you made some bad choices, on the six other days of the week you did well. Statistically speaking, that’s great!”

Progress over perfection. Make better choices than you are today, rather than worrying about being the best you can be. Rome wasn’t built in a day and other cliches.


What does the Nutrition Experts’ Advice Have In Common?

Notice how none of the nutrition experts commented on what food you’re eating, how much you’re doing, and specific metrics? That’s because there is no one size fits all approach. When it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle, it’s all about the psychological approach to change management. ”

Be sure to check out the experts who contributed to this article for more information, and comment below with your thoughts!

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